traverse city real estate agent cookie mcculloughCookie McCullough 

a Real Estate One agent of Traverse City, Michigan

"This Cookie Never Crumbles!"

Cookie McCullough is an energetic and high-spirited Michigan real estate professional. You may have heard the saying, “That’s the way the cookie crumbles.” However, anyone who knows Cookie McCullough will tell you that there’s nothing fragile about her. She has a high-octane approach to life that will leave most people breathless. Cookie’s idea of fun is enduring anything that may challenge her and get her adrenaline pumping, including flying full speed off a water ski jump and running in sub-zero conditions. This Cookie loves life and has the energy and mindset to pursue it.


Cookie McCullough water skiing in Traverse City.


High Energy

Being around an individual with high-spirits and a positive attitude is contagious. Cookie shares her vibrant personality with everyone she comes in contact with. Her lifestyle reflects her personality, energetic and bubbly. Although running and water skiing are her first passions, Cookie will be the first to tell you she loves any outdoor activity, from snow skiing to inline skating and boating. Growing up on Michigan Lake’s has helped mold this businesswoman into living this active lifestyle. Cookie put on her first pair of skis at the age of 6 and has never looked back.


Cookie McCullough jogging by the water in Traverse City.


A Dynamic Approach

This Cookie is an unstoppable force. Her energy and enthusiasm shown towards running and waterskiing also shines through to her real estate business. The creative marketing strategies used reaches qualified buyers from all over the country and works diligently to make the most of your investment, and most importantly your time. The passion for her clients’ goals makes Cookie a premier real estate professional in Northern Michigan.


Cookie McCullough biking near the water in Traverse City.


An Unstoppable Force

Cookie McCullough is your agent when finding a luxury waterfront home or cottage in Traverse City, Suttons Bay, or the surrounding area. Cookie can even help with suggestions and information on the best fishing spots in Northern Michigan. Clients value her follow-through and commitment to finding the perfect property based on what they want and need. The combination of enthusiasm and excitement, friendliness and determination, and professionalism results in an unparalleled real estate experience with Cookie McCullough.


Cookie McCullough paddle boarding in Traverse City.